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There are a massive range of Actions available to the accuracy aficionados of us out there these days extending through all calibres and uses. Be it plinking with an air rifle or a little bit of hunting with either a .22 or one of the many suitable larger cartridges or the numerous disciplines that involve the target shooting world we have the ability to supply or engineer a solution that best suits your needs.


Insight Custom Gunsmithing place a lot of pride on delivering nothing less than 1st class machining to each and every barrel we fit.

Whether you prefer to source your own barrel or order one through us, ICG will dial it up to exacting tolerances to ensure the optimum accuracy.
Maybe your existing barrel is getting a little tired and just needs some love and attention, in which case we can Re-crown & Chamber it to extend its useful lifespan.
There are a number of other gunsmithing jobs relevant to barrels and we are always ready to listen to our customers ideas and tailor the small tolerance solution that is both deserving & desired.


Our staff have extensive knowledge when it comes to reloading and are always available to offer words of advice when it comes to procedure and recommending a reloading package that will suit your needs.
There is no need to go elsewhere for your equipment as ICG are able to offer the full service by ordering in the equipment required to keep you either at the range or in the field where you would rather be.
Have a desire for a custom cartridge, then discus your thoughts with "Webby" our Head Gunsmith and he will be more than happy to accommodate.


As you are well aware, there are many other things that a shooter needs to complete a shooting package and with our extensive database of suppliers we are able to fulfil your every desire.
From camo gear for your next hunting trip through to lights for your rifle or vehicle, knives and all other survival gear, rangefinders, scopes, rings, bedding blocks a variety of tools and much, much more then ICG are able to cater for your needs.